Importance Of Using Auto Glass Mobile Services To Repair Or Replace Damaged Windshields

8 February 2018
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If you keep asking yourself whether you need to have your auto windshield glass repaired, in all likelihood the integrity of your auto glass has been compromised, and your safety is at risk. Your auto windshield is one of the most important fixtures in your vehicle. You're taking a big risk using that vehicle when you are driving with a damaged windshield glass in place. You can take the vehicle to a windshield repair company and have it fixed. Read More …

When Your Mobile Windshield Repair Truck Breaks Glass: What Happens Next

30 January 2018
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Trucks transporting windshield glass are able to replace windshields anywhere your car is sitting. It is this mobile glass repair service that makes it possible for so many of your customers to continue life uninterrupted. Yet what happens when your driver breaks that glass or when the glass on your mobile repair truck is damaged itself? Here is what comes next. Getting Another Windshield and Truck on the Road Your driver will have to pay for the broken glass he or she was hauling, unless another driver hit your driver and caused the loss. Read More …