When Your Mobile Windshield Repair Truck Breaks Glass: What Happens Next

When Your Mobile Windshield Repair Truck Breaks Glass: What Happens Next

30 January 2018
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Trucks transporting windshield glass are able to replace windshields anywhere your car is sitting. It is this mobile glass repair service that makes it possible for so many of your customers to continue life uninterrupted. Yet what happens when your driver breaks that glass or when the glass on your mobile repair truck is damaged itself? Here is what comes next.

Getting Another Windshield and Truck on the Road

Your driver will have to pay for the broken glass he or she was hauling, unless another driver hit your driver and caused the loss. Your business insurance may cover it, too. In the meantime, you will have to get another driver, another truck, and another windshield of the same size and thickness on the road to be delivered to the customer's location.

By the time this second glass arrives, the first glass would ordinarily have been installed. Now the customer has to wait a little longer. At the very least, your customer is owed an explanation and/or an apology, unless the customer is still tied up with other business.

Replacing the Glass on Your Own Business Vehicle

All kinds of crazy things can happen on the road. It does not matter if you are driving your own vehicle or you are driving a business vehicle, such as your windshield glass delivery trucks. If a rock is spun into your delivery truck windshield, or pranksters drop things from an overpass, and your truck's windshield is damaged, you have to get that fixed right away. Hopefully for your driver's sake, he or she can pull over and wait for another driver and installation tech to deliver new glass.

If you are crazy-busy with mobile service calls, you might have to ask a competitor to install the new glass on your delivery truck. This is a tough thing to do, but it's something that needs to be done. Your only other alternative solution to this particular problem is to call a tow truck to bring your delivery truck back into your own glass shop. That could put this particular truck out of commission for the next several hours. With all the work you have, that may not be a solution with which you can roll.

Safety Is Essential

Your customers cannot drive without a windshield, and neither can your drivers. You need to keep both groups safe. If you plan ahead for such unusual circumstances, everyone gets a new windshield and gets back on the road.

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