3 Vital Reasons To Repair Your Windshield Today

3 Vital Reasons To Repair Your Windshield Today

27 February 2018
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Do you own a vehicle with a windshield that is cracked, chipped, pitted or that otherwise has minor damage? Do you dislike the damage but you simply haven't gotten around to fixing it, for whatever reason? Having a damaged windshield is obviously unsightly, but there is more to it than just that. Whether or not you realize it, there are a number of reasons why having a broken windshield is less than ideal. Some of the reasons why you should consider dealing with your windshield sooner rather than later include:

Avoid a ticket: While you might not necessarily get pulled over simply for having a damaged windshield, a damaged windshield can certainly provide an additional excuse to pull you over. A ticket for a minor traffic violation may be for a relatively small amount but the addition of a ticket for having a damaged windshield can easily result in a ticket for several times this amount. Many municipalities want to encourage drivers to get a cracked windshield repair and so make the tickets prohibitively expensive.

Prevent an accident: One of the reasons why municipalities are so keen on having you fix your windshield is because a crack or a chip can cause unexpected glare while driving. This glare can prevent you from seeing a pedestrian or even another vehicle, ultimately resulting in an accident. If your insurance company discovers that a damaged windshield was the cause of the accident and that you had been avoiding getting it fixed, they may decide that the accident was your fault and refuse to pay to fix or repair your vehicle. Fortunately, a cracked windshield repair should be extremely fast and easy, allowing you to get your windshield repaired without having to take a lot of time out of your busy schedule.

Low cost: Completely replacing a windshield can sometimes be expensive, depending on what type of vehicle you have, but this isn't always necessary. Unless the damage is extensive, oftentimes all you'll need is a basic cracked windshield repair. Unlike completely replacing the glass, a repair job simply injects a clear epoxy into the damaged area. This epoxy has the same optical properties as the windshield glass, resulting in the damage disappearing. Because this repair job only needs a relatively small amount of epoxy, you're mostly paying for the labor involved in the task. Fortunately, a skilled labor technician can complete the job in just a few minutes, often resulting in a bill that is just a few tens of dollars instead of several hundred or even a couple thousand. 

To learn more about the importance of cracked windshield repair, contact an auto glass shop in your area.