Your Windshield Is Cracked: What Next?

Your Windshield Is Cracked: What Next?

14 February 2018
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The biggest window in your vehicle, the windshield, needs to be clear so you can clearly see the road. However, when you see a tiny chip or crack, your first impulse is likely to ignore it because you can still see the streets. This isn't a wise course of action; instead, follow this action list so you can perform legally and safely concerning this issue.

1. Find Out The Law

Your state's laws may dictate that you shouldn't be driving a vehicle on the road at all if the crack is visible or in your line of sight. If you're pulled over in one of those jurisdiction, you could be subject to a ticket right away. To find out whether you're going to have trouble with the authorities when you head to work or another location, contact local police before you pull out onto traffic.

2. Call Insurance Company

You'll need money to have the chip or crack fixed; that may be one of the reasons you're waiting to get repairs. What you don't know is how much your insurance company will contribute toward the costs. They might cover some or all that you need. They might suggest a location to have it done, but you usually don't need to use that suggestion and can find another shop that's more convenient for you.

3. Don't Make It Worse

Even if the crack hasn't yet stretched across the entire eye-line of the windshield, being mindful of the crack and not making it worse should be on your mind whenever you operate the car. For that reason, maintain temperatures inside the car that are about the same as the weather. Avoid blasting heat during winter, for instance; heat will be drawn to the crack right away and you'll observe lengthening or widening of the disfigurement. Don't pour hot water on surface ice as that could also be damaging to the glass.

When you shut each door, do it softly. A slam will set into motion heavy vibrations which will affect the glass, shifting it and affecting the crack. High speeds and winds cause pressure and vibrations that may give you a longer crack than you started with and you'll need a full replacement.

If your windshield is cracked in an area that impairs your vision or has become too long or deep, it should end up being replaced. Auto glass contractors can make a determination and do a replacement in less than an hour, if one is required.